Captain Meidan Bar, Chairman of the Israel Air Line Pilots Association

Israel Aviation Conference 2019

More than 4 billion passengers will be carried by air during the year 2020, as well as multitudes of parcels and millions tons of cargo that will be flown, making aviation one of the strongest and fastest developing global growth engines. Aviation market, like all political and economic systems, is influenced by the changing world around us, as political pressures influence markets, increase trade wars and change the international economy climate.:  The UK Brexit from the EU, trade wars between the US and China, sanctions against North Korea and Iran, International pacts that are signed or cancelled, the mixed use of airspace by military and commercial users, the challenges of modern technologies in a world where more than half a million pilots will be needed in the forthcoming decade.

Liberalization and free markets have created “open Sky” policies, which paradoxically bring wide government intervention in the market, States are proudly using their flags and support their national airlines as a strategic financial weapon, so that the open space is challenged by unfair competition introduced by unequal players, using their national and economical might in the market: Globally and in the Middle East.

The Middle East – our region – is a complicated and challenging area. Israel is a regional stable island, with limited airspace with many users: Military and civil aviation. It is situated close to conflicts areas, while being economically stable and technology advanced. Israel’s thrive to regional normalization holds chances for surprising cooperation.

Israeli aviation is the main available bridge to the rest of the world. It is also a growth engine for many thousands of families. It is an essential strategic asset to the state’s economy and its regional stability. Israel is leading state in many fields and its geographic location could establish it as a center to future aviation network in the region, so Israel adopts efforts to achieve normalization with its neighbors.

Israeli Aviation is not just about passengers and cargo. It embraces research and development, unmanned air vehicles and space and cyber programs of the most advanced capabilities. Israeli aviation is a source for national pride.

The 2020 Israel Aviation Convention will be the third one and has become the central and most important meeting in the region. It opens a new era of thinking and will consider the geopolitical implications of changes in our area: Fair competition in “Open Sky” policy, risks versus chances in Israeli aviation developments and its part in the global network, and the meaning of aviation in the economical and geo-political stability of the state of Israel.

The Israeli Airline Pilots Association = ISRALPA invites you to participate in this important convention in the Middle East: 2020 Israel Aviation Conference.


Topics To Be Discussed At The Conference

Topics to be discussed at the conference:

  • Challenges of Israeli aviation as a strategic asset in the State of Israel.
  • “Open sky” policy in the world alongside competition and government involvement in aviation
  • Security and safety in Aviation
  • Aviation as a growth engine in an economic world
  • Aviation technology in an online world


Maj. Gen. (Res.) Avihu Ben Nun – The 11th Israeli Air Force Commander

Founded UME Co., the R&D center of General Motors in Israel, and “First Israel” – an organization that promotes science and tech educations among youth through robotics.
Served as a director in Kardan, Elbit Systems, Mizrahi Bank, and as president of the IAF Foundation, president of Car Importers Association in Israel, vice president of the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, and more.
Graduated his Bachelor’s degree magna cum laude at the University of Auburn, Alabama, graduated advanced management studies at Harvard Boston, and received an honorary doctorate from the Technion.

Hemi Peres

Managing partner and co-founder of Pitango Venture Capital Co.
Member of the directors’ boards of TEVA Pharmaceuticals, Taboola, Via Transportation, and Radwin.
Serves as a member of the directors’ board of philanthropic and impact investing organizations, such as: Impact First, Social Finance Israel (SFI), and more.
Served as chairman of the Israeli Hi-Tech Association, and the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in the USA. Currently serving as chairman of Peres Center for Peace and Innovation.
Has a certificate in Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management from the Tel-Aviv University.
Served as a pilot in the IAF for 10 years.

Meir Shamir

CEO and major shareholder of Mivtah Shamir Holdings, a holding company publicly traded at the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. Currently acting as a director in the companies that make up Mivtah Shamir Group.
Founded a philanthropic fund that deals with various welfare issues in Israeli society, and serves as chairman of the Israeli board of Project “Taglit” – a Zionist organization that acts to strengthen the relation between the Jewish diaspora and Israel.
Graduated Economics and Business Administration studies at the Bar-Ilan University and received an honorary doctorate from the same university in 2009.
Served as a navigator in the IAF – honorably discharged from duty at the rank of Major.

Amos Shapira

Formerly served as CEO of El-Al, CEO of Cellcom, CEO of Kimberly-Clark Israel, and President of Haifa University.
Currently serves as chairman of ALUT – the Israeli Society for Autistic Children.
Served as director of Israel Aerospace Industries and Elron Investments Co.
Has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s in Industrial Management from the Technion.
Has a civilian pilot’s license. Recently published his book – “Head, Soles, and Soul – Practical Issues in Management and Leadership”.


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Knesset Member Bezalel Smutrich

Minister of Transportation

Captain Meidan Bar

Chairman of the Israel Air Line Pilots Association

Mr. Uri Sirkis

CEO of Israir airlines group

Mr. Gonen Usishkin

CEO of EL AL Israel Airlines

Mr. Offer Gilboa

Chairman of C.A.L Cargo Airlines

Interested in booth opportunities at the IAC?

Come and present your company’s activity to the most strategic audience:
  • Leading companies from all aviation fields
  • Experts of aviation foundations and Business development
  • Senior management of Israeli leading Airlines
  • Largest global aircraft manufacturers
  • Leading authorities from the government and national security institutions
  • Investors from the aviation field and representation of leading VC’s and financial institutions

Branded small booth – 3,500 ILS
Branded large booth – 5,500 ILS

For more info, contact us at: OR  03-6966000




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